Community Group Questions

Saturday Morning (From Sexual Immorality to Holy Sexuality)

  1. Do you agree that our culture is relationally confused and hypersexualized? Why or why not?
  2. Has your view or understanding of sexuality been formed more by the culture or by what Aaron referred to as biblical or holy sexuality? How do you know?
  3. Aaron said biblical sexuality is physical, emotional, and spiritual. Which of these aspects have you typically thought of most when thinking about sexuality? Which is hardest for you to understand or embrace?
  4. Would you say your current sexual practices are forming you into the image of Jesus or the image of our culture?
  5. Where are you in need of the grace of Jesus in moving towards holy sexuality?

Saturday Evening (From Isolation to Community)

  1. Do the following billboards belong on your campus ministry? Why? Why not?
  2. What can your group do to improve in this area?
  3. What will YOU do to reclaim community in your life? Name one of these points you will apply.
    • Be proactive!
    • Be inclusive!
    • Be open!
    • Be curious!
    • Be encouraging!
    • Be decisive!
  4. Are you going to take the cell phone challenge? What will you do over the next few hours to connect with a brother or sister in a deeper way?

Sunday Morning (From Despair to Hope)

  1. Satan wants us to feel powerless and overcome by our sin. His desire is that we feel unworthy. Roman 8 says there is NO condemnation for those in Christ. What are some other passages you can think of that remind you of the victory we have in Christ?
  2. Life can be frustrating and often feel unfair. Name some frustrating areas of life the our or other students face as Christians in an ungodly world.
  3. Meanwhile God says that all things work together for good. In what ways can the Lord bring something good out of a frustrating situation?
  4. We have all abandoned the Lord at times yet he still calls us his children and adopts us. What can we do or focus on to be constantly reminded of God’s heart for us as his sons and daughters?
  5. Read John 3:16 together and then the end of Romans 8. Why is it so hard to believe that nothing can separate us from His love? In what ways do you see these passage come to life in scripture or in your own life?
  6. Close with a time of prayer focusing on the hope that is in Christ which is so opposite of the despair being shared by the enemy.