Discussion Questions

(Use these questions however you want…for your own reflection, with a group of friends, or as a whole ministry.)

Friday Night: Buddy Bell, “Where Are You?”

  1. If God asked you today, “Where are you?” (that is, where are you in relationship to Him?), how would you answer?
  2. What are ways that you try to “cover up” your own brokenness and sin? How do you seek to keep God from seeing your sins? How do you seek to hide your failures and problems from those around you?
  3. Which do you struggle with the most?
    • believing that the lost are really lost
    • believing that the saved are really saved
  4. What is an “Isaiah 6 Experience” according to Buddy Bell? Have you ever had such an experience? What happened? What was it like?


Saturday Morning: Dean Barham, “The Pursuit”

  1. What would your friends, roommates, family, etc. say that you are pursuing in your life?
  2. Dean Barham said that we all have a sphere of influence which God wants us to work within to bring order to chaos and fill empty spaces. What is your “sphere of influence”? What places, groups, and people make up your sphere of influence?
  3. What are areas in our campus where we can bring order to chaos and fill up what is empty on our campus?
  4. What drives you? Is there anything driving your life that, even though things are working now, you worry will cause your life to break down in months or years from now?
  5. What areas of your life have emptiness or chaos entered into because of your pursuit of other things than God? What parts of your life do you long for God to restore?


Saturday Evening: Dean Barham, “The Leap”

  1. Has there been a moment in your life where you had a “fumble moment”? Where you felt that you had messed up or failed in a particularly heartbreaking or devastating way?
  2. Dean Barham said that Satan tempted Jesus by offering him the shortcut of becoming a king without going through the cross. And Satan often tempts us by making us think there is a shortcut for us to get what we desire, but that shortcut destroys us, leaving us empty and our lives in chaos. How does the enemy use “shortcuts” to tempt you?
  3. What difference does it make to you that Jesus never quit when he was tempted? Does that make him more attractive to you, or does that make him less relatable to you?
  4. When you realize that Jesus never quit during temptation — and doesn’t quit in the pursuit of you — what does it look like for you to run to him?

Sunday Morning: Buddy Bell, “Shame on Him!”

  1. Buddy described guilt as feeling bad for what you did, and shame as feeling bad for who you are. How does guilt show up in your life? How does shame show up in your life?
  2. How does Satan use shame in your life?
  3. Buddy says there are three ways that we can know and connect with the good news that Jesus took our shame and guilt: intellectually, theologically, and emotionally. Of those three…
    • which one do you connect with the most?
    • Which one do you struggle the most to connect with?
  4. What does it look like (or would it look like) for you to surrender to Jesus in response to the good news of Jesus?
  5. Are there areas of your life that you haven’t surrendered to Jesus, but that you need to?

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